Granny’s plum squares with cinnamon crumbles

…or bye bye summer time! Hi there, autumn!

I don’t want to believe it. The summer is good as gone and autumn is already knocking on our doors. Fully clad in rain, wind and freezing temperatures. That isn’t the perfect way to say hello to us, dear autumn! You’ve got so much more (and even better things) to offer. What about stopping this stormy weather and giving us a basket full of your finest fruits and vegetables? One basket at each front door, please. Then we can bake and cook until our wooden spoon is on fire. Pumpkin soup, plum cake, apple strudel… I could go on for years. So, Are you ready for some autumn baking? Good, I’ve got a super moist treat for you – my granny’s plum squares with cinnamon crumbles.

Granny's plum squares with cinnamon crumbles

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Intergalactic Star Wars Birthday Cake

It’s been a few weeks now since my three girls and I created an intergalactic cake. And when I say intergalactic, I reallymean it. Because my friend Laura wanted to surprise her boyfriend, who is an avid Stwar Wars fan, with a selfmade Star Wars birthday cake. And she asked me, to help her out.  Ha! It would have been a shame to refuse such an opportunity. After all, a Star Wars themed cake has been on my To-Bake list for quite some time now and it’s a perfect occasion to turn a pitch-black fondant into a space fondant. Yay!

The intergalactic Star Wars birthday cake

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Granny’s Muesli Dream in a jar

Oh! Looking at my recipe archive, I just realised that it’s almost a year since I posted this easy-peasy Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse. So,I should definitely post another super easy dessert. Since the last one originally came from my granny’s recipe collection, I took another one from her treasured book. It’s a dessert made of quark and layered with cherries and crunchy muesli. Due to this she benignly called it muesli dream.

Three glasses of my granny's muesli dream

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Breakfast pizza with blueberry yogurt

Pizza, pizza, pizza. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love it? Well, I certainly do not belong to those. Indeed, I am a real pizza junkie. In the last few weeks my consumption of pizza reached an astronomical scale. Therefore, I was looking for something healthier but still related to pizza. And I found a breakfast pizza.

A whole breakfast pizza

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Mango and Coconut Cake

Seeing these sad gray clouds and hearing the raindrops knocking on my window, I would love to take the next flight into a warm country. Being there, I would dig my toes into the warm sand and would wait for the waves to touch my naked legs. I would bathe in the sun like a reptile to recover enough energy for all the adventures that may come. Lucky me, there won’t be a holiday any time soon. So, I have to continue dreaming. And, I think, this delicious mango and coconut cake willsooth my soul and stimulate my fantasies.

Mango and coconut cake from above

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