Who is behind Domi’s Bake Farm?

Dominique - the author of Domi's Bake Farm

Hi! That is probably me. My name is Dominique, but you can call me Domi. I am the crazy and sympathetic author of Domi’s Bake Farm. I am 26 years old and study English and American Studies as well as computational science (trust me, it is not that complicated). I grew up in a small and humble village on the edge of Lippe which is propably the reason for the name “Domi’s Bake Farm”.

What inspires your Blog? Where did I get the inspiration for my Blog?

My granny helped waking my passion for baking. Already as a toddler, I actively helped her with the baked goods. Mostly, I stood before a low, extendable working table and mixed the ingredients together while my granny read the recipe. Thus, it has become a tradition to bake Florentine biscuits during the Advent season (even at the age of twenty and older). When I finally got my own flat or rather my own kitchen, I could go crazy with baking experiments. My family and later also friends have supported me by tasting those experiments. Actually, it does not seem to be that bad, they always want a second helping. And so it happened one day that my boyfriend persuaded me to start blogging about baked goodies.

What can you expect from Domi’s Bake Farm?

I have inherited the old recipe book of my granny, hence, you will find, on the one hand, many traditional recipes (they have to be preserved and shared), on the other hand, there will be modern recipes which I either have created myself, or which are based on known recipes that I have slightly changed. Additionally, I will prepare the site “CulinaryTrip” where I will introduce and bake typical recipes from all over the world.


Please, browse through Domi’s Bake Farm, enjoy yourself and leave your opinions, criticism, suggestions and questions.


Your Domi