Hey, did you survive Tuesday’s ambush of cuteness? Well, then it’s about time for my personal cake highlight during the baby shower: the baby bump cake. Since receiving the news about my friend’s pregnancy, I wanted to bake this particular cake (Psst…I got my inspiration from this  baby themed cake tutorial by Kuchenfee Lisa). Luckily, the opportunity to bake it came earlier than I expected.

Close-up of the baby bump cake. You can see cute little signs lying next to it.

The Components of the Baby Bump Cake:

Similar to my candy cone cake, I had to pay attention to the ingredients used for the baby bump cake. This time, I had to focus on groceries that should be avoided during a pregnancy.  I chose a simple sponge cake for the basis of my cake. In order to make it more juicy, I divided the cake into several layers which I spread with sieved raspberry jam. To cover the cake, I used white fondant (exactly 500g) which I dyed partially in light blue and ivory. That’s pretty easy. You only need toothpicks, gel food colouring and, which is probably the most important, disposable gloves. Trust me; otherwise you might end up with blue fingernails that last at least three days. Anyways, dip the toothpick into the gel colour and wipe it on the fondant a few times (depending on the desired colour intensity). Finally, you have to knead the fondant until it is completely dyed. This might take a few minutes.

So, let’s head to the problematic component of the cake – a fondant approved cream. Unfortunately, my favourite buttercream recipe uses raw eggs which is a total no-go for soon to be mums. Hence, the winner is a dark ganache with raspberry puree.

I used the following ingredients:

  • 150ml whipping cream
  • 500g dark chocolate
  • 250g frozen raspberries
  • 2 tbsp sugar

I reduced the frozen raspberries together with the sugar and strained them (usually I would blend the thawed raspberries). I boiled up the whipping cream and gradually added the chocolate until it was completely melted down. In the end, I added the raspberry puree and let it cool down.

If you’ve gathered everything for the cake, we can go on with the construction

Step-by-step Instruction for the Baby Bump Cake:

The three bowls used for the baby bump cake.You need two small bowls, a bigger one and a baking tray which is big enough to hold all the three bowls. Grease the bowls and line the baking tray with parchment paper. Fill the dough (you have to use double the amount of dough) into the forms. Keep an eye on the baking tray. If the cake is baked for too long, it will be harder to trim the cake.



The cake for the baby bump cake is cut in shapeWhen the baking is done, you need to cut the cakes into shape. It’s important to cut them evenly and that they have the same size (only important for the two smaller cakes). When ready, place the round cakes onto the “sheet cake” and cut out the outline (the picture on the right might be helpful). A sponge cake usually rises unevenly while baking, so you might have a lot of unused cake. You can eat it or crumb it, freeze it and use it for later cakepops.


One of the layers of the baby bump cake is spread with raspberry jamUp next you have to cut the cake horizontally. The number of layers depends on you. Spread the raspberry jam onto every layer and stack them up. Now your cake almost looks like a baby bump. One advice: you can use the jam as glue for the flaws. Just take a piece of unused cake, dip it into the jam and repair your cake.



It's the baby bump cake covered in ganacheNow, you can start spreading the ganache evenly onto the cake. Try to highlight the curves. You can use the flexible lid of a cream cheese package to smooth the curves (it’s an advice taken from the video tutorial above). If you are satisfied with your layer of ganache, put the cake into the fridge. You don’t necessarily have to put another layer onto the cake.



The baby bump cake with ivory fondant attached to the cleavageNow it’s time for the fondant. First roll the ivory dyed fondant and cut out a triangular shape. This will be the cleavage. In order to apply the fondant, you might have to wet the ganache a bit. Fondant does not stick to solid ganache. Smooth the fondant and especially the line between the breast.



You can see the baby bump cake with the rather longish triangular shape of blue fondant attached to its belly.Then roll out the blue fondant and cut another triangular shape. This one needs to be longer.  Attach it to the belly in a way that the longest tip almost touches the ivory fondant. If you have a rolling pin with patterns, you can use it to create materiality.



One of the sides of the baby bump cake is covered with white fondant.The remaining fondant-free spaces have to be covered with the white fondant. I tried to cut them into shape so that the almost touch the other fondant pieces. Don’t worry about the transitions; we will mask them with ruffles and other cute doohickeys.



A ball tool and a strip of white fondantFinally, we can add the final touch. You will need a ball tool (see the left picture) and a foam board. I didn’t have one and used the bottom of a mouse pad instead. You have roll (with a bit more pressure) the ball tool over the lowest part of blue and white fondant stripes to create the ruffles. Attach the white ruffles to the transitions on the belly and the blue ones to those on the cleavage. Following, you roll out a long and slender strip of blue fondant which can be used for the line between the belly and the breasts. This was the place with most of my blemishes. As another cute detail, you can use a cookie cutter or something similar to cut out butterflies or other shapes and apply them on the cleavage.

That’s it. You created your own baby bump cake.

The ready-made baby bump cake.

I have one remark, though. I had a few difficulties with the ganache. It wasn’t really that easy to smooth it. I would like to know, if you have already worked with ganache in relation to fondant cakes. Did you have similar problems? Or do you even have some tricks concerning ganache? I would like to hear about your experiences.

The baby bump cake is placed on the tbale which is decorated for the baby shower.

With this in mind,

You can be proud of your cake baby.