…or my comic version of a VW minibus:

At the end of this month, I will present a very special cake. This sample isn’t for me though, it’s for one of my best friends. He is such a huge fan of VW minibusses, he already possesses two of those classic cars. That’s reason enough to give him one (well, three) gift certificate(s) for VW spare parts and a minibus cake, of course.

The front of the VW minibus cake. You can see the windshield wipers, the spare tire, and the headlights.

I have to admit, this minibus cake doesn’t look like the picture I had in mind. I even wanted to keep this cake for myself because I wasn’t really satisfied with it. But after looking at it several times, I started to like this cake more and more. I mean, it looks almost like a caricature and that’s really adorable.

The different parts of the minibus cake:

But let’s get back to the minibus cake and its different parts. The motif for the cake has been easy, but the flavour of the cake has been even easier. A little birdie told me that the birthday boy loves chocolate. Therefore, I opted for chocolate sponge cake and chocolate buttercream. In order to create this huge cake, I prepared three portions of the sponge cake and the buttercream.

To avoid using too much fondant, I used a recipe for German Checkerboard cookies to create tires and the body of the car.  The body of the car creates more stability for the cake. Attaching the tires to it and placing it onto a platform, you even get the impression that it could drive.

I used 250g of white and 250g of green fondant. Teeny weeny parts of the white fondant have been dyed in light blue, red and yellow. If you want to know for what I used this different coloured fondants, just take a look at the instructions and create your own edible vehicle.

Step-by-step instructions of the VW minibus cake:

An adjustable square baking pan. It's standing on parchment paper.Use an adjustable square baking pan for the sponge cake. I used the smallest possible size and reduced this size by using the partition wall (that came with it). Place it on parchment paper and wrap the overhang around the pan. This way you don’t have to use a knife.




The car body together with its five tires. Roll out the cookie dough thinly and cut it into the same size as the sponge cake to create the car body.  Take two shashlik sticks and press them onto the raw cake dough. If the dough is too thin just use part of the remaining dough to secure the sticks. You will need the sticks to fix the tires.  Use the rest of the dough to create the tires. Use two different sizes of circle-shaped cookie cutters. Try to use very small ones, the dough rises while baking. Before putting the cookies into the oven, you should puncture the dough in the middle, otherwise you won’t be able to connect the with the car body.


four layers of sponge cake that will be used for the minibus cakeIf you haven’t baked the sponge cake yet, you should do it now. After cooling down, the sponge cake can be cut into several layers. The exact amount depends on you and the  height of your sponge cake.




The car body of the minibus cake which consists of cookie dough. You can see the shashlik sticks that poke out of the cookie.If the cookies (tires and car body) are baked, you can spread the chocolate buttercream onto the car body. This way, your sponge cake will stick to the cookie.




The minibus is finally taking shape.The sponge cake is already covered with chococlate buttercream.Now, the sponge cake layers and the buttercream will be stacked and spreaded in turns. Continue until all the layers are used. Then you can spread the reamining buttercream onto the cake and put it into the fridge for a few hours. If you aren’t satisfied with the buttercream layer, just apply another layer and smooth it a bit.



The upper part of minibus cake is already covered with white fondant. Finally, you can start preparing the fondant. First, take the white fondant and roll it out. It has to be of the size of the sponge cake plus 1.5 inches on every side. You can place the fondant onto the top of the cake. Use the smoother to smooth the fondant. If the fondant forms small tails on the edges, just remove them.



The minibus cake which is covered in white and green fondantNext, the green fondant will be rolled out into two narrow rectangles. It should be as wide as the free parts of the cake. If the stripes are long enough attach them to the lower part of the cake. The transitions should be under the the tires if possible. The overhang of the fondant can be removed with a knife or scissors, or it can be secured under the cake.



The finished minibus cake. You can see the light blue windows.Finally, let’s head to the details. Use the light blue fondant and cut it into thin small rectangles. These will be the windows. Attach them on the upper part of the minibus. You could even try to hide the transitions between the white and green fondant. With the red and yellow fondant you can form the headlights and taillights which will be attached to the front and back part of the minibus.  Finally form small sausages or worms and apply them to the windshield. You now have windshield wipers. To attach the spare tire, use a tooth pick or a shashlik stick which can be put into the cake front.

I used a lot of sponge cake and buttercream for this cake. If you try to create this cake for yourself let me know about your success. Maybe you even find an easier way to create it. I am looking forward.

The back part of the minibus cake. You can see the red taillights.

With this in mind,

have a nice ride.