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Cocoa Truffles with Baileys

The roasted almond chocolates have been the initial trick, but the second follows quick. It’s another homemade chocolate creation. Let me introduce you to these cocoa truffles with baileys.

Lots of cocoa truffles

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Roasted Almond Chocolates with Orange Liqueur

A cozy winter feeling is finally taking over our hearts by indulging all our senses. We’ve decorated our houses with fir branches, fairy lights and Christmas ornaments. We listen to Christmassy songs almost 24 hours a day. And countless scented candels fill the air with fragrant wintry flavours. So, there is only one thing left to top off the wintry coziness – a sweet little treat for our taste buds. It should be a typical christmas treat with all the flavours that pop into our minds while thinking about the best time of the year. Of course, we could bake cookies. It’s THE season for lots of cookies. But I am thinking about something else. Something you won’t need your oven for – Homemade roasted almond chocolates with a dash of Orang liqueur.

Roasted almond Chocolates in a basket

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Canoli with Cappuccino Stracciatella Cream

Holy Canoli!

For today’s sweet treat I want to take you to beautiful Italy. To Sicily to be exact. ‘Cause these little fellas are a Sicilian tradition –  crunchy (deep-fried) canoli with a cappuccino and stracciatella cream filling.

Three canoli with cappuccino stracciatella cream filling

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Baileys Mousse Mini Cakes

Who wants some coffee with a dash of  Irish Cream liqueur? Oh…there you go. I already sense some hands going up. But this coffee won’t be hot and drinkable. No, I’ve got something better for you. Nice Baileys mousse mini cakes in a cute chocolatey cookie bowl.  Don’t they look like a nice flower?

Three Baileys mousse mini cakes.

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Tipsy Espresso Cupcakes

Did you stomach the fruity and wintry Roast apple cupcakes from the birthday party on sunday? Fine, cause I’ve got a few more recipes for you. We had a moist German cheesecake, a blueberry cake, two kinds of cupcakes and a rich Guiness chocolate cake. However, this chocolate cake has been prepared with orange juice instead of beer. Yes, it’s without alcohol. But I’ve got something else for you. A cupcake with a bit more alcoholic content. It’s a combination of coffee and egg liqueur. Let’s call them “tipsy espresso cupcakes”.

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