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Mini Snow Flurry Cupcakes

I am dreaming of a White Christmas!

Yay! Finally! There is snow everywhere. At least in my little garden. IIt turned into a winter wonderland. For me, snow and Christmas belong together. Just like that song says: “I am dreaming of a White Christmas”. It’s about time, don’t you agree?  But it’s still a long time before Christmas and therefore I want to entrust these mini snow flurry cupcakes to you which, in a way, resemble the sudden start of winter.

cute mini snow flurry cupcakes

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Strawberry flavoured Cakepops

aka Elsa Cakepops

Wait! Let me think! I already prepared vanilla cakepops which resemble Olaf and chocolate cookie pops that look like princess Anna. There is only one left – strawberry flavoured cakepops aka Elsa cakepops. Then the most-loved Disney trio is complete and the girls and boys at the birthday party can choose between the three most common flavours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Frozen themed Sweet Table

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Chocolate Cookie Pops

aka. Anna Cookie Pops

Phew! I’ve prepared a fair share of cakepops so far. Not all made it to my blog though. Anyway most, naaa, all of them have been beautifully soft and moist inside. So, I tried something new (at least for me) – Chocolate Cookie Pops to get a little bit more crunch in there. And since a little princess girl wanted special Frozen themed Cakepops, I turned them into Anna Cookie Pops.

Lots of Chocolate Cookie Pops aka. Anna Cookie Pops

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Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

Do you wanna build a snowman?

If your answer is yay, stay calm and take off your mittens. You won’t need them. Actually, it would be a bit difficult to build the snowman I am thinking of while wearing these big thingies. The snowman I am thinking of is pretty small and edible. Okay, the big snowman is edible, too. At least as long as you encounter those nasty ingredients such as twigs and fallen leaves. I already made that experience and don’t need another one. But the little ones we will make today are made of cake without any nasty surprises. It’s bite sized and comes with a stick. Yesss! I am talking of snowman cakepops. And there is only one thing that is even sweeter than a simple snowman cakepop – an Olaf the snowman cakepop.

Lots of Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

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Intergalactic Star Wars Birthday Cake

It’s been a few weeks now since my three girls and I created an intergalactic cake. And when I say intergalactic, I reallymean it. Because my friend Laura wanted to surprise her boyfriend, who is an avid Stwar Wars fan, with a selfmade Star Wars birthday cake. And she asked me, to help her out.  Ha! It would have been a shame to refuse such an opportunity. After all, a Star Wars themed cake has been on my To-Bake list for quite some time now and it’s a perfect occasion to turn a pitch-black fondant into a space fondant. Yay!

The intergalactic Star Wars birthday cake

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