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Cocoa Truffles with Baileys

The roasted almond chocolates have been the initial trick, but the second follows quick. It’s another homemade chocolate creation. Let me introduce you to these cocoa truffles with baileys.

Lots of cocoa truffles

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Raffaello Cake aka. Coconut Truffle Cake

Ping, Ping! It’s Jessi sending me two videos of cakes with astonishing chocolate decoration and asking me which one we should try. But instead of chosing one, I just want to know for which occasion. Who needs a reason to bake cake? It will probably taste as good while sitting alone on the couch. But this cake was for her granny who celebrated her birthday at the beginning of this week (and luckily, I was part of it). So far, so good. Cause her granny is always serving a fresh strawberry cake for this occasion, we definitely knew – We won’t use fruits. Instead, we dug deep into the bag of tricks  calories and managed this Raffaello cake.

Raffaello cake

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Kinder Chocolate Cake – Another Dripping Cake Attempt

Do you remember my cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake? It has been the very first time I ever tried this dripping effect. And my technique wasn’t even near perfection. Thus, I tried it again with this Kinder chocolate cake. Luckily I got helping hands from my besti Jessi who bought a bag full of Kinder chocolate, Kinder egg, Kinder Bueno, and Duplo. Spreading all that on my kitchen counter, it looked like the preparation of a children’s birthday party.

Kinder chocolate cake

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Salted Caramel Brownies with Crunchy crust

Everytime (andI really mean every time) I meet my bestie Jessi, it ends in a proper munching orgy.  Sometimes she has freshly baked cookies ready or pulls out a nice ice cream cake. And sometimes I surprise her with newly created buttercream cakes or Cakepops. But our last girls’ night out was even crazier. While we watched a truly typical movie for women, the table in front of us was covered with lots of different delicacies: bborek with cheese, vegetable sticks with a delicious dip (for the healthy appearances’ sake), crisps, cookies, and these awesome salted caramel brownies with a crunchy crust.

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Chocolate Tart

Yesterday was one of those boringly normal sundays. Well, not really. The family of Rose celebrated a birthday.  And for that matter I should serve a proper festive cake. But who wants to spend hours in the kitchen when youve got other things to think about? I wouldn’t, at least not this time. Therefore, I came up with something quick and simple: my chocolate tart.

Before you start pondering about the form of this cake: I usually use a round springform pan. But this time I was longing for some square pieces

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