Everybody knows chocolate, and almost everybody likes it! There are so many possibilities to create unique chocolate decorations; from two-coloured curls/rolls and feathers to filigree flowers and signet thingies (those ancient waxy things on a letter?!). Okay, most of the ideas mentioned are pretty difficult (at least for now) but I have something for you which is as easy as a pie and cute looking. It’s called white chocolate bark and is basically chocolate refined with colours and/or decorated with all sorts of (mostly) sweet edible stuff.

two pieces of white chocolate bark in the front lying on a napkin and the rest of it placed in a bowl in the background

To create it, you will need:

200 g white chocolate

Food colouring (gel colours work best)

Edible pearls

1 handful of Cornflakes


  1. First you have to melt the white chocolate in a pot which is set on hot water. But be careful, if the chocolate gets too hot, it turns into a really nasty looking lump.
  2. Afterwards you have to line a baking tray with tinfoil (I’ve prepared the baking tray I’ve used for my granny’s plum cake). I am not quite sure if you can see it on the pictures but my chocolate bark was pretty thin. If you want it to be thicker, either use double the amount of chocolate or use a smaller baking tray.
  3. After preparing your tray, fill the liquid chocolate into it and spread it evenly.
  4. If you are satisfied with the spreading, take a tooth pick (or anything similar), dip it into you gel colour (I’ve used Wilton pink), and use it to draw patterns or whatever forms you like into the chocolate. Then, you can decorate the chocolate with pink pearls and Cornflakes.
  5. Finally, you have to put it into the fridge until it is hard again (I’ve waited about one hour, just to be sure). For further usage, you have to detach it from the foil and break it into pieces of different size and form.

That’s it. Isn’t your white chocolate bark a masterpiece?

two pieces of white chocolate bark lying on a green napkin

In case you aren’t this girlish, pink loving type of person, feel free to adjust the colours and edible decorations (such as nuts, marshmallows, chocolate chunks, etc.) to your taste.  There is practically no limit. And you don’t have to use the chocolate as decoration, like I did it for the cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake. Just put the pieces into cute little cookie bags and give them to your friends, or snuggle up to your partner and eat them all by yourself.

Close-up of the dripping cake decoration

A few pieces of white chocolate bark within a cute little cookie bag.

It’s your choice and if you come up with more decorating and consumption ideas please let me know. I am waiting for your creativity outbreaks.