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Intergalactic Star Wars Birthday Cake

It’s been a few weeks now since my three girls and I created an intergalactic cake. And when I say intergalactic, I reallymean it. Because my friend Laura wanted to surprise her boyfriend, who is an avid Stwar Wars fan, with a selfmade Star Wars birthday cake. And she asked me, to help her out.  Ha! It would have been a shame to refuse such an opportunity. After all, a Star Wars themed cake has been on my To-Bake list for quite some time now and it’s a perfect occasion to turn a pitch-black fondant into a space fondant. Yay!

The intergalactic Star Wars birthday cake

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Meringue with strawberries and pistachio cream

It’s unbelievable how time flies. A year ago on the tenth of July I blogged my first recipe. My little babay, Domi’s Bake Farm, is now one year old and this has to be celeberated properly. But how? Do I organize a contest with lots of prizes or do I spend this day in a more private way? It took me some time to decide. Although I would have loved to give you nice little presents for your loyalty, I opted for a small celebration with my loved ones instead. And when inviting guests for an afternoon coffee party, you need a cake. I didn’t want an ordinary birthday cake with a candle on top. No! I baked this meringue garnished with fresh strawberries and a pistachio cream.

Meringue garnished with fresh strawberries and pistachio cream

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Unicorn Cake [Fondant Cake]

It’s about time for another creative outburst. And this might work best with a cute looking fondant cake. I promise, this time it is something as cute as a button – a fabulous unicorn cake. Luckily, I can let  my imagination run free. And after an extensive and inspiring web-based research, I’ve chosen the portrayal of a unicorn head.

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Colourful Fruit Tartlets – The Colourful Fruit Tart Reinterpreted

Let me introduce you to a déjà vu in miniature form. I reinterpreted my former colourful fruit tart. And these colourful fruit tartlets are the result. They are a bit lighter, with more fruits and much more colourful.

four colourful fruit tartlets

And why? That’s pretty simple. Marc, the author of “Bake to the roots” celebrates his blog birthday and invites every motivated Food-Blogger to this Blogevent RECREATE. The idea is to record our progress by taking one of our oldest and dustiest recipes from the blog and bake it again or (what I did) recreate it.  That’s a very brilliant idea. So,it’s not surprising that I definitely had to contribute something.

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Cinnamonic Apple-Buttercream Cake – My Dripping Cake Attempt

Oops! What’s this? Concerning its colors, this dripping cake truly isn’t a typical autumn treat. You might expect cotton candy or other colourful sweets. But behind its bright colours are autumnal flavours. I mean, what tastes more like autumn than a cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake?

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