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Canoli with Cappuccino Stracciatella Cream

Holy Canoli!

For today’s sweet treat I want to take you to beautiful Italy. To Sicily to be exact. ‘Cause these little fellas are a Sicilian tradition –  crunchy (deep-fried) canoli with a cappuccino and stracciatella cream filling.

Three canoli with cappuccino stracciatella cream filling

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Unicorn Cake [Fondant Cake]

It’s about time for another creative outburst. And this might work best with a cute looking fondant cake. I promise, this time it is something as cute as a button – a fabulous unicorn cake. Luckily, I can let  my imagination run free. And after an extensive and inspiring web-based research, I’ve chosen the portrayal of a unicorn head.

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Winnie Pooh Cake [Fontant Cake]

Jeez! The last cake seems to be weeks ago. So, it’s about time for another one. This time, everthing revolves around a goldish yellow, honey loving bear and his friends. Do you know who I am talking about? Exactly! It’s Winnie the Pooh or you maybe know him as Pooh the bear. And I know a little girl that adores this clumsy bear. Just make a fancy looking cake out of it, a Winnie Pooh cake to be exact. And soon the child’s heart will leap for joy.

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Minibus Cake [Fondant Cake]

…or my comic version of a VW minibus:

At the end of this month, I will present a very special cake. This sample isn’t for me though, it’s for one of my best friends. He is such a huge fan of VW minibusses, he already possesses two of those classic cars. That’s reason enough to give him one (well, three) gift certificate(s) for VW spare parts and a minibus cake, of course.

The front of the VW minibus cake. You can see the windshield wipers, the spare tire, and the headlights. Continue reading

Baby Bump Cake [Fondant Cake]

Hey, did you survive Tuesday’s ambush of cuteness? Well, then it’s about time for my personal cake highlight during the baby shower: the baby bump cake. Since receiving the news about my friend’s pregnancy, I wanted to bake this particular cake (Psst…I got my inspiration from this  baby themed cake tutorial by Kuchenfee Lisa). Luckily, the opportunity to bake it came earlier than I expected.

Close-up of the baby bump cake. You can see cute little signs lying next to it. Continue reading

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