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Plum Jam with Marzipan

Today is a very special day. I decided to turn Wednesday into my personal jam-day. This means, if I create a (new) jam, you will definitely read about it on Wednesday. Today, being the first jammy Wednesday, should be started with a nice breakfast in bed. Yay! Freshly made buns, bread, or even better, croissants, some sticks of butter and, of course, homemade jam served on a wooden tray. That would be amazing!  Unfortunately, I have to skip the part with the bed. But I will still treat myself with some bread and a glass of homemade plum jam with marzipan.

A glass of plum jam with marzipan and a whole wheat toast covered with that jam are served on a wooden tray

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Red Currant and Banana Jam

This goes out to those of you who love continental breakfast, who enjoy jam, and who turn their yogurt or quark into a piece of art. I’ve got something special for you: red currant and banana jam. This jam is full of surprise. Eating French bread together with this jam, you expect a red fruit…or well…in this case red currant…but you will be hit by a banana flavour.

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