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White Nougat

Do you have some time at hand? Maybe even a bit more? Fine! ‘Cause I tried something new. Something that needs a bit more of your precious time. It’s called white nougat (although mine didn’t really reach that whitish colour). Some of you might even recognize it as Italian torrone. Anyways, this super sweet and sticky treat is made of honey and egg whites and is mixed with nuts and dried fruits.

white nougat

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Raffaello Cake aka. Coconut Truffle Cake

Ping, Ping! It’s Jessi sending me two videos of cakes with astonishing chocolate decoration and asking me which one we should try. But instead of chosing one, I just want to know for which occasion. Who needs a reason to bake cake? It will probably taste as good while sitting alone on the couch. But this cake was for her granny who celebrated her birthday at the beginning of this week (and luckily, I was part of it). So far, so good. Cause her granny is always serving a fresh strawberry cake for this occasion, we definitely knew – We won’t use fruits. Instead, we dug deep into the bag of tricks  calories and managed this Raffaello cake.

Raffaello cake

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Apricot Pistachio Cake

Did you survive the Easter holidays? Honestly, I have eaten so much that I could have spend several days lying on my bed or couch without moving. Lying there spread-eagled and with stretchy leggings to make room for my newly developed belly. Even now, almost two weeks ago, the image of the Easter brunch makes me smile wanly. Nonetheless, I am craving pistachios. Yes! And I hope this paradisical apricot pistachio cake will stave off my hunger.

apricot pistachio cake

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Bunny Butt Cake Balls

Oh my goodness! Time is running so fast these days. A moment of not paying attention and the Easterholidays are already around the corner. Your beloved ones come for a visit ( or you will visit them) And together with the smallest explorers you begin the search for sweets which might fell off of the Easter bunny’s basket. On Domi’s Bake Farm this tradition will be a little bit different. Instead of looking for colourfully painted Easter eggs, we will try to find the Easter bunny himself. Or let’s say, we will try to find the closely related bunny butt cake balls.

Bunny Butt Cake Balls

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Choco-Cinnamon Cupcakes with Fruity Christmas Frosting

Advent, Advent, a candle is lit. …

Do you know the rhyme? It’s a typical German rhyme for the beginning of the Advent season. For me, this means the beginning of the best time of the year. Well, I can’t take pleasure in this freezing cold, but all these different scents arouse a pre-Christmassy feeling.  In order to warm you and those grinches among us up, I’ve got these sweet choco-cinnamon cupcakes with fruity Christmas frosting for you.

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