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White Nougat

Do you have some time at hand? Maybe even a bit more? Fine! ‘Cause I tried something new. Something that needs a bit more of your precious time. It’s called white nougat (although mine didn’t really reach that whitish colour). Some of you might even recognize it as Italian torrone. Anyways, this super sweet and sticky treat is made of honey and egg whites and is mixed with nuts and dried fruits.

white nougat

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Blueberry Ombre Cake

You’ve already received two recipes from the Sunday overindulgence – Roast Apple Cupcakes and Tipsy Espresso Cupcakes. And to top it off, I’ve got a refreshing and fruity cake with (just) a little less calories. Let me introduce you to the Blueberry Ombre Cake.

View of the bountiful table. The Blueberry Ombre Cake is standing in the front.  In the Background are the cupcakes and the rich chocolate cake. Continue reading

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