It’s about time for another creative outburst. And this might work best with a cute looking fondant cake. I promise, this time it is something as cute as a button – a fabulous unicorn cake. Luckily, I can let  my imagination run free. And after an extensive and inspiring web-based research, I’ve chosen the portrayal of a unicorn head.

the unicorn cake

The different parts of the Unicorn Cake

For the ‘cakey’ basis slightly changed the naked cake recipe from Sally’s Tortenwelt. I needed a white or yellow cake and hence substituted the cocoa powder used in this recipe with the same amount of flour. In order to get at least three equal cakes, I baked twice as much in two separate springform pans of about 10 inches in perimeter. Of course, you can use a smaller springform pan and even less dough but keep in mind that your unicorn cake might look a bit more compact.

I prepared a batch of yogurt and cream cheese mixture with chopped strawberries to fill the cake with:

500g natural yogurt

200g cream cheese

2 tbsp sugar (to taste)

250g fresh strawberries

5 leaves of gelatine

You have to mix everything together and prepare the gelatine as described on the package.In order to avoid those nasty lumps of gelatine, you have to carefully mix the dissolved gelatine with your cream cheese mixture. Otherwise you won’t get the necessary stability. Unfortunately, this cream isn’t suitable for fondant and hence can’t be used to cover the entire cake with.  So you have to prepare a batch of white chocolate ganache consisting of 1000g white chocolate and 340ml of heated heavy cream. This makes a huge batch of chocolate ganache, and, to be honest,  almost half of it remained unused. So you either reduce the used ingredients or you use the rest of it for delicious cakepops.

Finally, you need white fondant. I used about 500g of it and dyed the rest with several different colours to emphasize colourful features.

Now , you can create your very own unicorn cake.

Oh! Wait, I’ve forgotten the most important thing – the unicorn horn. You can use a simple ice cream cone and a few bits of chocolate. The use of the chocolate will become clear later on.

Step-by-Step Instruction for the Unicorn Cake

the cakey basis for the unicorn cakeAs mentioned before, I baked twice as much dough in two seperate springform pans. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with a unicorn head template because I haven’t got one either. I draw or cut it myself by guess and by gosh and used the cake itself asa  template. Don’t forget, you need at least three equal cakes. Remove the middle stuff from one of those cakes (it should look like an outline of the head). Keep the rest of the cake, you will need it for the 3D effects later on.


The unicorn cake filled with the cream cheese mixtureYou can finally start stacking.  First use a complete cake for the bottom and spread white chocolate ganache onto the rim of the cake. Put the second cake (or lets say the cake outline) onto it and coat its surface with white chocolate ganache. Before putting the last cake on top fill the cake with your cream cheese mixture. You don’t have to use the mixture completely. You can fill the rest of it into to ice cream cone later.


the filled unicorn cake with its topTop your unicorn cake with the last cake.





Mit weißer Ganache eingestrichene EinhorntorteCoat the cake with white chocolate ganache and get yourself a few tiny bits and pieces of the excess cake to shape the 3D effects. You need a bigger piece for the cheek, a really small arch for the nostril and an almost small oval-shaped piece for the eye. Put those pieces on the specific spaces, and coat them and the rest of the cake with another layer of ganache.


unicorn cake covered in fondantBefore covering the cake with the white fondant, make sure that you’ve applied the ganache as smooth as possible. Roll out the fondant (it should be way bigger than the cake itself) and cover the cake with it. Gently press the fondant to the cake until you can clearly see the 3D effects. The most difficult part is the corner around the neck of the unicorn. Cut into the fondant and use a few pieces of fondant to cover free spaces if necessary. For the final touch use a smoother to smooth the sides of the cake and use your finger to  draw a mouth.


the dyed fondantDye the remaining fondant into four different colours: blue, black, purple and pink. You will need just a tiny bit of black and blue. So don’t go crazy with those two colours.



THe unicorn cake with the eye and it's maneRoll out the blue fondant and cut it into a triangular shape (this will be your unicorn’s eye). A tiny bit of white can be used as the iris. Cut the pink and purple fondant into bigger triangles try to make it look like flames. These pieces will be part of the unicorn’s mane.



Close-up of the unicorn cakeLet’s add the final touches. Again cut white and pink fondant into triangular shapes. you need two of each. the pink ones should be a bit smaller than the white ones. Use them for your ears. in order to have more stability you can knead CMC into the white fondant and use edible glue to secure it to the unicorn. Now fill the ice cream cone with the rest of your cream cheese mixture and stick it into the nasal bridge of the soon-to-be unicorn. You should remove part of the fondant otherwise it might dissolve. (A small advice: to avoid the ice cream cone from getting soft, you can fill it with a thin layer of chocolate. ). And finally, to make the unicorn look more feminine, you can form the black fondant into little sausages and use them as eyelashes.

Unicorn cake

Ta-daaah! The unicorn cake is ready.

With this in mind,

Make your little one’s eyes shine bright!