Jeez! The last cake seems to be weeks ago. So, it’s about time for another one. This time, everthing revolves around a goldish yellow, honey loving bear and his friends. Do you know who I am talking about? Exactly! It’s Winnie the Pooh or you maybe know him as Pooh the bear. And I know a little girl that adores this clumsy bear. Just make a fancy looking cake out of it, a Winnie Pooh cake to be exact. And soon the child’s heart will leap for joy.

The finished Winnie Pooh cake from another angle

In case you thought I am talking about myself, I have to disappoint you. I made this cake for the daughter of a friend.

The Components of the Winnie Pooh Cake

Last year, I baked a two tier Minnie Mouse cake for her and the proud parents were looking for a cake about the same size. Additionally, they wanted three different flavours in it – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  The ideas came straightaway. Unfortunately, most of them have been quite difficult to realise. Thus, I decided to create a honeypot which is standing on a tree stump.

For the basis, the tree stump, I needed a rather stable cake that would not break under the weight of another cake. I’ve chosen a pound cake.  Correspondingly, I baked a lighter cake, a sponge cake, for the upper part. I filled the cake with a Swiss Meringue buttercream and two servings of German buttercream flavoured with the desired tastes. Finally, I covered the cakes with purple fondant and shapeable chocolate.

The World Wide Web said that shapeable chocolate can be prepared by yourself, you only need glucose syrup. And that’s the problem. I traipsed round the supermarkets and even pharmacies but couldn’t get it. So I looked for an alternative and found this simple recipe by Ofenkieker. Unfortunately, it’s in German. So, I will shortly explain what you need. You need 100 g of a yellowish and thick syrup (I haven’t tried it yet, but corn syrup might work here) and 200 g of dark chocolate.

Except for shapeable chocolate, I also tried out modelling paste. This is a mixture of fondant and CMC which hardens after a few minutes. This way you can create cute little figurines. But same here, CMC isn’t not easy to find or costs a lot. I used adhesive powder for choppers. Yes, that sounds quite disgusting but it’s not poisonous and mostly you wouldn’t eat these sugary figurines. So, if you want to use adhesive powder look for the ingredient cellulose gum or carboxylmethyl cellulose.

I think that’s enough for now. Let’s get on with the Winnie Pooh cake.

 Step-by-step Instructions of the Winnie Pooh Cake

The two parts of the pound cakeFirstly, you have to trim and cut the pound cake horizontally so that you have two slices of almost similar size. The cake really has to be as even as possible otherwise you might have problems stacking the cake safely.



The tree stump for the Winnie Pooh cake is almost finished. The two cake parts are stacked and filled with chocolate buttercream.The upper half of the cake has to be covered in buttercream. I used a chocolate flavoured buttercream for this one. You can use up the whole batch of buttercream. Then put the other half upside down onto it. Don’t worry about any gaps that aren’t covered with buttercream, you can mend that with the jelly glaze and the shapeable chocolate later on.



The cake is glazed with strawberry jelly.To glaze the cake with jelly, you have to heat it first. I used strawberry jelly because it was one of the desired flavours.  Use a knife or spatula to cover the cake wiht your jelly and try to fill the buttercream gaps.



The shapeable chocolate is attached all around the rim of the cake.Now comes the fun part – the shapeable chocolate. If you want to prepare this type of chocolate on your own, you have to keep in mind that it needs about ten hours to set and cool down. Don’t worry, the chocolate will be quite crumble and hard in the beginning. When the chocolate is finally shapebale, you can form ‘sausages’ of about 1,5 inches in length. Those ‘sausages’ need to be attached to the rim of the cake. They need to be attached to each other as closely as possible. That’s necessary because you will pour fluid chocolate onto the top.


The tree stump cake is finished. The top part of the cake is covered with white chocolate and milk chocolatey circlesMelt 200 g of white chocolate in a pot over boiling water. Add a tiny bit of coconut oil to smoothen it. Pour the fluid chocolate onto the cake and spread it evenly. Afterwards you have to melt 25 – 50 g of milk chocolate. Draw several circles of milk chocolate onto the white chocolate top. This will be the annual rings of the tree stump. Use a teespoon for rugged circles and use a toothpick for more delicate ones.


This is the sponge cake for the honeypot. It's cut into several slices.The tree stump is ready. Let’s head to the honeypot. Prepare two sponge cakes in a springform pan of  6 inches in diameter. Cut them horizontally until you have about 6 or seven even slices. Pick to of them and remove the inner part. It will be easier if you use a small bowl and cut around it. The remaining rim should be about 0,3 to 0,7 inches thick.



The sponge cake is stacked and filled and covered with two different versions of buttercream. Now you can stack and cover the cake with the strawberry and vanilly flavoured buttercream.  You can apply the buttercream in every order you want. Either you do it in turns or you fill it with the one and cover it with the other. Just keep in mind, that the two prepared rims have to be stacked on top. Those rims will hold the vanilla glaze thingy in place.



You can see the sponge cake from above. It has a hollow which is filled with some kind of vanilla glazeDer Biskuitkuchen von oben. Er ist jetzt mit einer Vanillesoße gefülltVanilla glaze thingy? Either prepare a package of instant custard or use a package of clear cake glaze and 250 ml vanilla sauce. For the latter one you have to heat the sauce together with the glaze while constantly stirring. Wait a minute until pouring the sauce onto the top of the cake. You can also top it with fluid honey.



The sponge cake is covered with purple fondantWhen the glaze is set, apply the purple fondant. First, I rolled out a really thin strip for the rim. Then I rolled out a bigger rectangular for the rest of the cake. Of course, you can use any colored fondant of your choice.



The Winnie Pooh cake is almost ready. Now stack the honey pot on top of the tree stump and decorate it with cute Winnie Pooh figurines made of modelling paste. I will present a short instruction on how to create those deco-figurines later on.

The finished winnie pooh cake with the tiny winnie pooh figurines and some paper streamers.Die fertiggestellte Winnie Puh Torte mit den Deko-Figuren und Luftschlangenn

You might have noticed that the upper cake shines greasily. Well, in a crazy moment I decided to cover the fondant with edible glue to remove the starch stains. Yes, that wasn’t my best idea. The cake was all sticky.

Maybe you had similar problems with starch stains and have some advise for me? Or you even know how to avoid those stains? I would be grateful for every bit of help.

With this in mind,

Make your little ones beam with joy!