Healthy chocolatey banana bread

First things first: I am so sorry for letting you wait for so long. I didn‘t know that work and university are that time consuming and nerve-wrecking. Nonetheless, I have to tell you about my plan: I want to change my diet completely due to my not so good health condition. But, if you are interested in, a detailed entry on my condition etcetera will follow soon.

Unfortunately, this dietary change involves the sacrifice of refined sugar and diary produce which is the exact opposite of those things you can usually find on my blog. But as a self-proclaimed sweet tooth I am currently trying to find sweet alternatives which weren‘t always working well. Either they did not taste that good or they just weren‘t photogenic enough. Maybe it‘s time to give a big thank you to my family, friends and even neighbours who more or less voluntarily sacrificed their taste buds to try my creations. However, it was worth the effort, I can finally present this chocolatey banana bread to you.

Chocolatey banana bread with walnuts

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Red Currant and Banana Jam

This goes out to those of you who love continental breakfast, who enjoy jam, and who turn their yogurt or quark into a piece of art. I’ve got something special for you: red currant and banana jam. This jam is full of surprise. Eating French bread together with this jam, you expect a red fruit…or well…in this case red currant…but you will be hit by a banana flavour.

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