Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

Do you wanna build a snowman?

If your answer is yay, stay calm and take off your mittens. You won’t need them. Actually, it would be a bit difficult to build the snowman I am thinking of while wearing these big thingies. The snowman I am thinking of is pretty small and edible. Okay, the big snowman is edible, too. At least as long as you encounter those nasty ingredients such as twigs and fallen leaves. I already made that experience and don’t need another one. But the little ones we will make today are made of cake without any nasty surprises. It’s bite sized and comes with a stick. Yesss! I am talking of snowman cakepops. And there is only one thing that is even sweeter than a simple snowman cakepop – an Olaf the snowman cakepop.

Lots of Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

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Bunny Butt Cake Balls

Oh my goodness! Time is running so fast these days. A moment of not paying attention and the Easterholidays are already around the corner. Your beloved ones come for a visit ( or you will visit them) And together with the smallest explorers you begin the search for sweets which might fell off of the Easter bunny’s basket. On Domi’s Bake Farm this tradition will be a little bit different. Instead of looking for colourfully painted Easter eggs, we will try to find the Easter bunny himself. Or let’s say, we will try to find the closely related bunny butt cake balls.

Bunny Butt Cake Balls

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Count Dracula Cakepop – Halloween Special

Only seven days left till Halloween. For the last time, Domi’s Bake Farm will open the doors to another, spookier world. Just look! Our next guest is flying towards us. He is a hybrid of a human, a bat, and a crumbled cake. According to some rumours, he seems to be the most dreaded nobleman of whole Transylvania. By now, you might know him. His name is Count Dracula Cakepop.

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Witch Cakepops – Halloween Special

After the happy cake spectacle of the last few days, it’s about time to get you in the right mood for Halloween. At least my newest guests believe that. And they are persons that shouldn’t be trifled with according to the rumors. Some say that they are nasty and mischievous creatures that would turn you into toad at the next opportunity. Exactly, we talk about witchtes, or witch cakepops.

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