Mango and Coconut Cake

Seeing these sad gray clouds and hearing the raindrops knocking on my window, I would love to take the next flight into a warm country. Being there, I would dig my toes into the warm sand and would wait for the waves to touch my naked legs. I would bathe in the sun like a reptile to recover enough energy for all the adventures that may come. Lucky me, there won’t be a holiday any time soon. So, I have to continue dreaming. And, I think, this delicious mango and coconut cake willsooth my soul and stimulate my fantasies.

Mango and coconut cake from above

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Meringue with strawberries and pistachio cream

It’s unbelievable how time flies. A year ago on the tenth of July I blogged my first recipe. My little babay, Domi’s Bake Farm, is now one year old and this has to be celeberated properly. But how? Do I organize a contest with lots of prizes or do I spend this day in a more private way? It took me some time to decide. Although I would have loved to give you nice little presents for your loyalty, I opted for a small celebration with my loved ones instead. And when inviting guests for an afternoon coffee party, you need a cake. I didn’t want an ordinary birthday cake with a candle on top. No! I baked this meringue garnished with fresh strawberries and a pistachio cream.

Meringue garnished with fresh strawberries and pistachio cream

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Kinder Chocolate Cake – Another Dripping Cake Attempt

Do you remember my cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake? It has been the very first time I ever tried this dripping effect. And my technique wasn’t even near perfection. Thus, I tried it again with this Kinder chocolate cake. Luckily I got helping hands from my besti Jessi who bought a bag full of Kinder chocolate, Kinder egg, Kinder Bueno, and Duplo. Spreading all that on my kitchen counter, it looked like the preparation of a children’s birthday party.

Kinder chocolate cake

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Cinnamonic Apple-Buttercream Cake – My Dripping Cake Attempt

Oops! What’s this? Concerning its colors, this dripping cake truly isn’t a typical autumn treat. You might expect cotton candy or other colourful sweets. But behind its bright colours are autumnal flavours. I mean, what tastes more like autumn than a cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake?

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