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Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

Do you wanna build a snowman?

If your answer is yay, stay calm and take off your mittens. You won’t need them. Actually, it would be a bit difficult to build the snowman I am thinking of while wearing these big thingies. The snowman I am thinking of is pretty small and edible. Okay, the big snowman is edible, too. At least as long as you encounter those nasty ingredients such as twigs and fallen leaves. I already made that experience and don’t need another one. But the little ones we will make today are made of cake without any nasty surprises. It’s bite sized and comes with a stick. Yesss! I am talking of snowman cakepops. And there is only one thing that is even sweeter than a simple snowman cakepop – an Olaf the snowman cakepop.

Lots of Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

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Gingerbread Cake with Orange and Cinnamon Frosting

…Or would you love some sophisticated gingerbread squares?

Oops! The time has come! I am going crazy. Last time, I introduced the autumn season, and now you have to find a Christmassy cake on my blog. Just like those grocery stores which have aisles filled with christmas treats at the beginning of September.  Normally, I smile at this craze and avoid buying christmas stuff until decemeber… or at least until November…No chance! At the end of September I nibbled on my first piece of christmas stollen and ate a handful of spiced biscuits. Though, I avoided the christmas aisles, I found myself in the kitchen baking my own pre-christmassy christmas cakes. Hey presto! There they were. A huge gingerbread cake and smaller gingerbread squares glazed with an orange and cinnamon frosting.

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Granny’s Muesli Dream in a jar

Oh! Looking at my recipe archive, I just realised that it’s almost a year since I posted this easy-peasy Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse. So,I should definitely post another super easy dessert. Since the last one originally came from my granny’s recipe collection, I took another one from her treasured book. It’s a dessert made of quark and layered with cherries and crunchy muesli. Due to this she benignly called it muesli dream.

Three glasses of my granny's muesli dream

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Mango and Coconut Cake

Seeing these sad gray clouds and hearing the raindrops knocking on my window, I would love to take the next flight into a warm country. Being there, I would dig my toes into the warm sand and would wait for the waves to touch my naked legs. I would bathe in the sun like a reptile to recover enough energy for all the adventures that may come. Lucky me, there won’t be a holiday any time soon. So, I have to continue dreaming. And, I think, this delicious mango and coconut cake willsooth my soul and stimulate my fantasies.

Mango and coconut cake from above

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Refreshing Key Lime Pies

Do you have a lime tree in your garden which is in full bloom? Or do you have some limes left from your last cocktail party?  Or do you just want something refreshing with limes in it? Well, then I have this perfect recipe for you. No, I am not talking about limonade, I am talking about these  little  Key lime pies. At least 14 of them to be exact. Don’t worry, in respect of refreshmentthese little fellas are in no way inferior to limonade.

Key lime pies from above

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