Granny’s Florentine Biscuits

Every year at the same time (mostly during my cookie baking marathon) I have this catchy tune in my mind. It’s called “In the christmas bakery” (“In der Weihnachtsbäckerei”) and it literally describes the chaos in my kitchen while baking cookies.  But this song is not the only thing that is the only tradition kept during my baking marathon. I have a particular recipe for cookies that has to be made every year. Those of you who examined my blog more carefully might already have a clue.  I am talking about my granny’s Florentine biscuits.

A small raggle-taggle heap of granny's Florentine biscuits. Behind that are two decorative sleighs with packages of Florentine biscuits and Christmas ornaments. Continue reading

Cinnamonic Apple-Buttercream Cake – My Dripping Cake Attempt

Oops! What’s this? Concerning its colors, this dripping cake truly isn’t a typical autumn treat. You might expect cotton candy or other colourful sweets. But behind its bright colours are autumnal flavours. I mean, what tastes more like autumn than a cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake?

Cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake with white chocolate bark and meringue blos as decoration Continue reading

Colourful Fruit Tart

*drum rolls*

Today is THE day. I will launch my very first blog entry. And what would be the best way to start? Present a light and fluffy tart, the colourful fruit tart to be exact. There were some complications with the short pastry dough but this happy-go-lucky sort of cake made it just in time for you to be enjoyed. Just look at this sweet treat. It looks like a swimming garden.

colourful fruit tart Continue reading

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