Baby Shower Cakepops

Hurry up and hide away! She might be here any minute. Keep the confetti gun and paper streamers ready! 3…2…1…Surprise!

You want to know what’s going on here? Wait, I will give you a hint. The walls are decorated with pink and light blue garlands. And the table is laid with plates and glasses in pink and light blue colors. Even the sweet treats stick to this color scheme. So, do you know, what’s going on?

Exactly, it’s a baby shower.

A big table which is laid with pink and light blue plates and glasses. On the table are cupcakes, the baby Shower Cakepops and the baby bump cake Continue reading

Pumpkin Cakepops – Halloween Special

Only 27 days until Halloween. In Germany Halloween might not be celebrated as excessively as in America, but you never know when the next horror theme party is due. For this reason most of October will be dedicated to spooky Cakepops. To slowly increase the level of cute spookiness, we will start with pumpkin cakepops.

Four pumpkin Cakepops. Two of them have cute little faces. The other two seem to be filled with sweets. In the background is a Jack O'lantern and in the foreground is a glass of pumpkin pie spices a Continue reading

Cinnamonic Apple-Buttercream Cake – My Dripping Cake Attempt

Oops! What’s this? Concerning its colors, this dripping cake truly isn’t a typical autumn treat. You might expect cotton candy or other colourful sweets. But behind its bright colours are autumnal flavours. I mean, what tastes more like autumn than a cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake?

Cinnamonic apple-buttercream cake with white chocolate bark and meringue blos as decoration Continue reading

Campfire Cupcakes

Unfortunately my summer vacation is now over but that also means you don’t have to wait any longer for a new recipe. Being back in Germany, I’ve visited the supermarket nearby to get new inspiration for baked goodies. Don’t fret! Star-shaped cinnamon biscuits and a chocolatey Santa Clause won’t take part this time. But I thought, if the supermarket is already advertising christmas season, I create an autumnal atmosphere here on my blog.  And these Campfire Cupcakes might just be the right thing to get started.

In the foreground is a Campfire Cupcake. In the background are two marshmallows which lean on firewood Continue reading

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