Plum Jam with Marzipan

Today is a very special day. I decided to turn Wednesday into my personal jam-day. This means, if I create a (new) jam, you will definitely read about it on Wednesday. Today, being the first jammy Wednesday, should be started with a nice breakfast in bed. Yay! Freshly made buns, bread, or even better, croissants, some sticks of butter and, of course, homemade jam served on a wooden tray. That would be amazing!  Unfortunately, I have to skip the part with the bed. But I will still treat myself with some bread and a glass of homemade plum jam with marzipan.

A glass of plum jam with marzipan and a whole wheat toast covered with that jam are served on a wooden tray

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Granny’s Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse

Do you know Murphy’s Law? It says that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  And today is one of these days. However, instead of getting frustrated or even aggressive, I put everything aside and treat myself with a nice dessert. Okay! I might not deserve it, but sometimes you just need something comforting to survive the day.  So, today I opt for my granny’s strawberry mascarpone mousse. It is supposed to look like this ice cream which imitates a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce (I know, it is a weird, but typical German creation), and tastes like a fruity version of tiramisu (without the booze and coffee).

My granny's strawberry mascarpone mousse served in a chocolate bowl. In the background is a pitcher wiht strawberry puree.

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