Roast Apple Cupcakes

Oh my goodness! Time is running so fast! We already have to light the second candle on our Advent wreath. But we aren’t spending a quiet and tranquil sunday. No! We have a more or less big party going on: It’s the birthday of my most beloved Daddy. And for this event, my Mom and I are preparing a sumptuous cake buffet. While she baked her much sighed-for German cheesecake and her Guiness Chocolate cake, I came up with two different sorts of cupcakes and a blueberry ombré cake. That should be enough to feed the hungry guests. Let’s get started with a christmas classic in a new livery – Roast apple cupcakes.

In the foreground are two Santas made of china (blurry). In the background are the Roast Apple Cupcakes on étagère

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Frankenstein’s Monster Cakepops – Halloween Special

A heavy thunderstorm is approaching Domi’s Bake Farm. And the inside isn’t safe either. The kitchen of Domi’s Bake Farm is descending into chaos. And where is the owner? Oh, there! She is almost hidden amidst a clutter of baking ingredients. She is whirling from drawer to cabinet in the hope that she can finally finish her newest masterpiece, Frankenstein’s Monster Cakepops.

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Plum Jam with Marzipan

Today is a very special day. I decided to turn Wednesday into my personal jam-day. This means, if I create a (new) jam, you will definitely read about it on Wednesday. Today, being the first jammy Wednesday, should be started with a nice breakfast in bed. Yay! Freshly made buns, bread, or even better, croissants, some sticks of butter and, of course, homemade jam served on a wooden tray. That would be amazing!  Unfortunately, I have to skip the part with the bed. But I will still treat myself with some bread and a glass of homemade plum jam with marzipan.

A glass of plum jam with marzipan and a whole wheat toast covered with that jam are served on a wooden tray

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