White Nougat

Do you have some time at hand? Maybe even a bit more? Fine! ‘Cause I tried something new. Something that needs a bit more of your precious time. It’s called white nougat (although mine didn’t really reach that whitish colour). Some of you might even recognize it as Italian torrone. Anyways, this super sweet and sticky treat is made of honey and egg whites and is mixed with nuts and dried fruits.

white nougat

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Meringue with strawberries and pistachio cream

It’s unbelievable how time flies. A year ago on the tenth of July I blogged my first recipe. My little babay, Domi’s Bake Farm, is now one year old and this has to be celeberated properly. But how? Do I organize a contest with lots of prizes or do I spend this day in a more private way? It took me some time to decide. Although I would have loved to give you nice little presents for your loyalty, I opted for a small celebration with my loved ones instead. And when inviting guests for an afternoon coffee party, you need a cake. I didn’t want an ordinary birthday cake with a candle on top. No! I baked this meringue garnished with fresh strawberries and a pistachio cream.

Meringue garnished with fresh strawberries and pistachio cream

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Frankenstein’s Monster Cakepops – Halloween Special

A heavy thunderstorm is approaching Domi’s Bake Farm. And the inside isn’t safe either. The kitchen of Domi’s Bake Farm is descending into chaos. And where is the owner? Oh, there! She is almost hidden amidst a clutter of baking ingredients. She is whirling from drawer to cabinet in the hope that she can finally finish her newest masterpiece, Frankenstein’s Monster Cakepops.

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