Granny’s plum squares with cinnamon crumbles

…or bye bye summer time! Hi there, autumn!

I don’t want to believe it. The summer is good as gone and autumn is already knocking on our doors. Fully clad in rain, wind and freezing temperatures. That isn’t the perfect way to say hello to us, dear autumn! You’ve got so much more (and even better things) to offer. What about stopping this stormy weather and giving us a basket full of your finest fruits and vegetables? One basket at each front door, please. Then we can bake and cook until our wooden spoon is on fire. Pumpkin soup, plum cake, apple strudel… I could go on for years. So, Are you ready for some autumn baking? Good, I’ve got a super moist treat for you – my granny’s plum squares with cinnamon crumbles.

Granny's plum squares with cinnamon crumbles

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Plum Jam with Marzipan

Today is a very special day. I decided to turn Wednesday into my personal jam-day. This means, if I create a (new) jam, you will definitely read about it on Wednesday. Today, being the first jammy Wednesday, should be started with a nice breakfast in bed. Yay! Freshly made buns, bread, or even better, croissants, some sticks of butter and, of course, homemade jam served on a wooden tray. That would be amazing!  Unfortunately, I have to skip the part with the bed. But I will still treat myself with some bread and a glass of homemade plum jam with marzipan.

A glass of plum jam with marzipan and a whole wheat toast covered with that jam are served on a wooden tray

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Granny’s plum cake

Have you been a picky eater during your childhood? I definitely was! Besides meat where the fat was visible I refused to eat fruit cakes with baked fruits. The squishy texture of those fruits gave me the creeps. Anyways, now that I am mature (at least concerning my biological age) I hope that my taste buds changed as well. And, to start my “fruit cake therapy”, I decided to try granny’s plum cake.

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