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Raspberry and Coconut Brigadeiros

Today, I would like to take you on a trip to Brasil. Only for a few seconds. Close your eyes. Just imagine you are standing in a Brasilian marketplace where local people sell all sorts of local stuff. A small group of street musicians is playing Brasilian music. The marketplace is filled with lots of different but interesting flavours. Someone is mixing cocktails while another one serves a traditional bean stew. But we are only interested in a particular little stall. One that is made for all the sweet treat lovers out there. And what do they sell? It’s a sweet Brasilian speciality called Brigadeiro. And now I have to yank you out of this daydream. Open your eyes and take a look at my raspberry and coconut brigadeiros.

Three raspberry and coconut brigadeiros

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Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

Do you wanna build a snowman?

If your answer is yay, stay calm and take off your mittens. You won’t need them. Actually, it would be a bit difficult to build the snowman I am thinking of while wearing these big thingies. The snowman I am thinking of is pretty small and edible. Okay, the big snowman is edible, too. At least as long as you encounter those nasty ingredients such as twigs and fallen leaves. I already made that experience and don’t need another one. But the little ones we will make today are made of cake without any nasty surprises. It’s bite sized and comes with a stick. Yesss! I am talking of snowman cakepops. And there is only one thing that is even sweeter than a simple snowman cakepop – an Olaf the snowman cakepop.

Lots of Olaf the Snowman Cakepops

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Raffaello Cake aka. Coconut Truffle Cake

Ping, Ping! It’s Jessi sending me two videos of cakes with astonishing chocolate decoration and asking me which one we should try. But instead of chosing one, I just want to know for which occasion. Who needs a reason to bake cake? It will probably taste as good while sitting alone on the couch. But this cake was for her granny who celebrated her birthday at the beginning of this week (and luckily, I was part of it). So far, so good. Cause her granny is always serving a fresh strawberry cake for this occasion, we definitely knew – We won’t use fruits. Instead, we dug deep into the bag of tricks  calories and managed this Raffaello cake.

Raffaello cake

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Bunny Butt Cake Balls

Oh my goodness! Time is running so fast these days. A moment of not paying attention and the Easterholidays are already around the corner. Your beloved ones come for a visit ( or you will visit them) And together with the smallest explorers you begin the search for sweets which might fell off of the Easter bunny’s basket. On Domi’s Bake Farm this tradition will be a little bit different. Instead of looking for colourfully painted Easter eggs, we will try to find the Easter bunny himself. Or let’s say, we will try to find the closely related bunny butt cake balls.

Bunny Butt Cake Balls

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Chocolatey Peppermint Cakepops

If I have to decide which modern cake hype to create, I would definitely opt for Cakepops. They are easy as pie, they are relatively quick to prepare, and there is no limit to creativity.  Hence I’ve got these little fellas for you – cute chocolatey peppermint Cakepops. Admittedly, if you take a glimpse at my former Cakepop creations, these cake balls are looking almost boring. But, if you love the After Eight chocolates, you might get addicted to those Cakepops.

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