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Fancy Dome Cakes

or taking a shot at mirror glazing (for the first time)

For a few days now I scour the internet for inspiration concerning a sweet table for a wedding. Bamm! I come across this more or less new baking trend – a mirror glaze. You don’t know what it is? It’s a special glaze which turns every cake into a flawless ly shining and mirroring piece of art. What beauties! I definitely need a few of those for my next project. But I have to practice a lot and therefore I present these fancy dome cakes to you.

three fancy dome cakes in light green Continue reading

Count Dracula Cakepop – Halloween Special

Only seven days left till Halloween. For the last time, Domi’s Bake Farm will open the doors to another, spookier world. Just look! Our next guest is flying towards us. He is a hybrid of a human, a bat, and a crumbled cake. According to some rumours, he seems to be the most dreaded nobleman of whole Transylvania. By now, you might know him. His name is Count Dracula Cakepop.

Close up of the Count Dracula Cakepop. He is lying in a coffin which is lined with red fabric. Continue reading

Frankenstein’s Monster Cakepops – Halloween Special

A heavy thunderstorm is approaching Domi’s Bake Farm. And the inside isn’t safe either. The kitchen of Domi’s Bake Farm is descending into chaos. And where is the owner? Oh, there! She is almost hidden amidst a clutter of baking ingredients. She is whirling from drawer to cabinet in the hope that she can finally finish her newest masterpiece, Frankenstein’s Monster Cakepops.

View from above. You can see the with chocolate sprinkles covered head of Frankenstein's Monster Cakepops and the bilious green candy floss. Continue reading

Witch Cakepops – Halloween Special

After the happy cake spectacle of the last few days, it’s about time to get you in the right mood for Halloween. At least my newest guests believe that. And they are persons that shouldn’t be trifled with according to the rumors. Some say that they are nasty and mischievous creatures that would turn you into toad at the next opportunity. Exactly, we talk about witchtes, or witch cakepops.

THere are 5 witch cakepops in total. Those two in the foreground don't have a beastly companion. The others do have one though. The walls are full of spider webs. Continue reading

Baby Shower Cakepops

Hurry up and hide away! She might be here any minute. Keep the confetti gun and paper streamers ready! 3…2…1…Surprise!

You want to know what’s going on here? Wait, I will give you a hint. The walls are decorated with pink and light blue garlands. And the table is laid with plates and glasses in pink and light blue colors. Even the sweet treats stick to this color scheme. So, do you know, what’s going on?

Exactly, it’s a baby shower.

A big table which is laid with pink and light blue plates and glasses. On the table are cupcakes, the baby Shower Cakepops and the baby bump cake Continue reading

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